Member of the Association can be any individual or legal person – credit cooperative, other microfinancing organizations and financial and consulting firms who wish to work towards the objectives of the Association, taking into account the decisions of its governors.

A member of the Association has the right:
1. To participate in its activities and to benefit from it;
2. To participate and vote in the General Assembly and its representatives be elected in the authorities of the Association;
3. Wants explanation by the authorities for non-compliance of the decisions and requests for information on matters affecting their interests;
4. annulment of illegal, unstatutable and incorrect decisions and actions of its authorities;

1. To comply with the statutes and to implement the decisions of the General Assembly and other governing authorities of the Association;
2. To pay membership fee.
3. To be responsible to the Association in the amount of proven lawfully damage caused to the Association;
4. To carry out its activities in accordance with approved by the Association’s internal regulations concerning the activities of the Association – rules and regulations.

The acceptance of new members is by a decision the General Assembly at the proposal of the Board, based on submitted by the applicant written application. The application is deposited at the registered office of the Association or electronic mail (e-mail) of the Association. Legal entities implements a decision of the competent authorities for participation in the association.
On assuming Association each member must indicate their email address (E-mail), which will be used for communication purposes with the Association.

Membership in the Association shall be terminated:
1. Unilateral statement to the association;
2. Exclusion in breach of obligations arising from the statute and the law;
3. Upon termination of the legal entity member of the Association.